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Professional Workshop Metal Steel Drawer Storage Cabinet

2-door heavy duty tool trolley with wheels in blue color

Product Description

Kinbox Professional Workshop Metal Steel Drawer Storage Workbench




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Drawer size:305x348x125mm, loading:50kgs

The drawer is equipped with 1  partition , and there are 3 sets of partition installation holes, the internal partition space can be adjusted at will, and various hardware tools, mechanical parts, fixtures, fixtures and other items of different sizes can be placed in categories. The full-width aluminum alloy handle is equipped with a standard sticker to indicate the name of inside products.

Drawer slide rail is made of high-strength heavy-duty rail, material thickness is 2.5mm, ery sturdy and durable.
The inside door space height is 570mm, with one adjustable shelf.
The top of the cabinet with 30mm high to effectively prevent items from falling. The worktop is equipped with a high-quality black 3mm thick non-slipping mat to prevent the surface of the cabinet from wearing.
The hook plane is 390mm height, could hang with all kinds of hooks and tools.
One lock with two keys, if the users lose the key, we could replace you a new one according to the number on the lock and keys.
The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with 4 adjustable anti-skid feet, which can adjust the height of the cabinet, anti-skid and moisture-proof.
The holes size are 10x10mm, could hang all kinds hooks and tools.

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