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Hand tools-information introduction of wrenches

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Wrenches are a common installation and removal tool, a hand tool that uses the principle of leverage to unscrew bolts, screws, nuts, and other threaded fastening bolts or nuts with open or socketed firmware. Wrench tools are usually made of structural steel of carbon or alloy material. The following is an introduction to the information.

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Hand wrenches

Manual wrench tools, also called common wrench tools, are mainly used in ordinary life work, and it is relatively simple to use, mainly divided into single-headed dull wrenches, double-headed dull wrenches, live wrenches, plum wrenches, multi-use wrenches, knocking wrenches, socket wrenches, socket drivers, torque wrenches, torque wrenches, cross wrenches, ratchet wrenches, hook wrenches, hexagonal wrenches, internal square wrenches, manual clutch torque wrenches, pipe wrenches, T-wrench, L-wrench, three-fork wrench, crescent wrench, oil drum wrench, tire wrench, spark plug wrench, filter wrench, combination wrench, other wrenches, etc. Torque wrenches are divided into audible wrenches, pointer wrenches, and digital display wrenches.

The use of a manual wrench:

1. Choose the corresponding wrench tool according to the characteristics of the fasteners to be fastened. 2. To tighten, hold the end of the wrench handle by hand and tighten it with force in the clockwise direction; to loosen it, turn it counterclockwise.

Features of the manual wrench:

The manual wrench tool has the characteristics of simple operation, low price and high labor intensity.

Open-end wrenches

Uses of open-end wrenches:

Screws are the main fasteners in machinery and equipment, and open-end wrench tools are important tools for processing, production, and maintenance in the machinery industry, and this item is a revolution of traditional wrench tools.

Features of open-end type wrenches:

1. The working speed of the open-end wrench tool is fast, the working speed is three to four times faster than the traditional wrench, and the working speed is faster than the quick wrench tool. 2. One open-end wrench tool can fit 2-6 kinds of screws of different specifications, while a double-ended blunt wrench can only fit 2 kinds of screws. An open-end wrench tool is equivalent to 2-3 blunt wrenches, which is equivalent to an adjustable wrench, but it can work quickly without adjusting the opening. 3. The open-end wrench tool has a long service life and cannot be broken, while the previous quick wrench is easy to break. 4. The manufacturing process of open-end wrench tools is simple, and the cost is lower than that of blunt wrenches. 5. The open-end wrench tool has the characteristics of lightweight, convenient carrying, and labor-saving work.

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