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Hand tools - what are the types of pliers

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Pliers tools by performance can be divided into clip twist type; shear-type; clip twist shear type. By type can be divided into hydraulic pliers; crimping pliers; hydraulic wire pliers; wire stripping pliers; rechargeable hydraulic cable pliers. According to the shape can be divided into the pointed mouth; flat mouth; round mouth; curved mouth; oblique mouth; needle mouth; top cut; wire pliers; flower gill pliers. According to the use can be divided into DIY, industrial-grade pliers with, special pliers, etc. According to the structure of the form: through the gills and stacked gills two. Usual specifications are: 4.5" (mini pliers), 5", 6", 7", 8", 9.5", etc. The following is a detailed description of the types of pliers tools.

Here is the content list:

l Steel wire pliers

l Pointed pliers

l Wire stripping pliers

l Pipe pliers

l Bias pliers


Steel wire pliers

Wire pliers are a kind of clamping and sharing tool. Wire pliers consist of pliers and pliers handle, pliers include jaws, teeth, knife, and guillotine. The role of the various parts of the pliers is: ① teeth can be used to tighten or loosen the nut; ② knife mouth can be used to cut soft wire rubber or plastic insulation, can also be used to cut wire, wire; ③ guillotine mouth can be used to cut wire, steel wire, and other harder metal wire; ④ pliers insulated plastic tube voltage resistance of 500V or more, with it can be charged to cut wire. In use, do not throw, so as not to damage the insulating plastic tube. Electricians commonly used wire pliers tool by 150mm, 175mm, 200mm and 250mm and other specifications.

Pointed pliers

Pointed pliers, also known as repair pliers, are mainly used to cut the wire diameter of the thin single-stranded and multi-stranded wire, as well as to single-stranded wire joints bending ring, stripping plastic insulation, etc., it is also one of the common tools used by electricians (especially inside the wire electrician). It is composed of a pointed tip, jaws and pliers handle. Electrician with pointed pliers handles with a rated voltage of 500V insulating sleeve. Pointed pliers due to the head are more pointed, the use of small spaces with the operation of the use of pointed pliers bent wire joints are: first the wire head to the left fold, and then close to the screw in a clockwise direction to the right bend that is.

Wire stripping pliers

Wire stripping pliers for inside-the-line electrician, motor repair, instrumentation electrician commonly used one of the tools. It is composed of a knife, pressure line mouth, and pliers handle. Wire stripping pliers handle with a rated working voltage of 500V insulation sleeve. Wire stripping pliers are suitable for plastic, rubber insulated wire, cable core stripping.

Pipe pliers

Pipe pliers are used to fastening or dismantling various pipes, pipeline accessories or round parts, common tools for pipeline installation and repair. Its inlay body can be wrought outside the manufacturing, and other aluminum alloy manufacturing, its characteristics are lightweight, light use, not easy to rust.

Bias pliers

Off-jaw pliers have when also called oblique pliers. In cutting the wire, especially after cutting off the soldering point net winding wire excess wire and printed circuit board after placing the plug-in too long lead, the use of bias pliers this tool works best. Off-nose pliers are also commonly used instead of general scissors to cut insulating sleeves, nylon cable ties cards, etc. Pliers body length 160mm and with the plastic insulated handle of the most commonly used offset pliers.

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