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Hand tools - what are the types of wrenches?

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Wrench tools are divided into two types, dead wrenches, and live wrenches. The former refers to wrenches that already have a fixed number written on them, and the latter is the movable wrench. Here are the details of the types of wrench tools

Here is the content list:

l Dull wrenches:

l Plummer wrench:

l Dual-use wrenches:

l Live wrench:

l Hook wrench:

l Socket wrench:

l Hexagonal wrench:

l Torque wrench:


Dull wrenches:

Dull wrench tools are made with fixed size openings at one or both ends to unscrew nuts or bolts of a certain size.

Plummer wrench:

Plummer wrench tools have working ends with hexagonal or dodecagonal holes at both ends, which are suitable for applications where the working space is small and ordinary wrenches cannot be used.

Dual-use wrenches:

One end of the dual-use wrench tool is the same as a single dummy wrench, and the other end is the same as a plum wrench, and both ends unscrew the same size bolt or nut.

Live wrench:

The width of the opening of the live wrench tool can be adjusted within a certain size range, and it can turn bolts or nuts of different specifications. The structure of the wrench is characterized by the fixed jaws made of flat jaw concave with fine teeth; one end of the movable jaws is made of flat jaws; the other end is made of concave jaws with fine teeth; by pressing the worm downward, the movable jaws can be taken off quickly to change the position of the jaws.

Hook wrench:

The structure-shaped wrench also called a crescent-shaped wrench, is used to unscrew the flat nuts with restricted thickness, etc.

Socket wrench:

It is composed of multiple sockets with hexagonal or dodecagonal holes and equipped with a variety of accessories such as handles and connecting rods, and is especially suitable for unscrewing bolts or nuts with very narrow or deep depressions.

Hexagonal wrench:

The hexagonal wrench tool is a hexagonal bar wrench in the shape of L, which is specially used for turning hexagonal screws. The type of hexagonal wrench is according to the size of the opposite side of the hexagon, and there is a national standard for the size of the bolt. Use: It is specially used for tightening or dismantling round nuts on machine tools, vehicles, and mechanical equipment.

Torque wrench:

It shows the applied torque when twisting the bolt or nut, or emits a light or sound signal when the applied torque reaches the specified value. A torque wrench is suitable for the torque size which is specified.

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