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How to choose tool storage?

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When choosing tool storage, if you can know some tool storage shopping skills, you will get twice the result with half the effort and it will be relatively easy to choose. As the saying goes, sharpening the knife is not a bad idea, so it is worthwhile to join us to understand a few elements to pay attention to before buying tool storage.

Here is the content list:

l Type

l Load-bearing

l Material

l Price

l Whether need to customize

tool storage


Drawer type tool storage

If the size of tools or parts is small and there are many kinds, it is recommended to choose drawer-type tool storage and choose drawers with different height combinations according to the actual use. The standard configuration inside the drawer-type tool storage is 3*3 separation, that is, each drawer is divided into nine compartments, and the dividers can be adjusted at will to combine into the applicable separation space.

Shelf type tool storage

If the size of tools or parts is larger and heavier, and the variety is less, it is recommended to choose shelf type tool storage, which has more storage space and the shelf can be adjusted up and down (adjustment distance is 40mm).


Purchasing tool storage must know is the tool storage each layer of the load-bearing range is how much. The appearance of the tool storage to know the load-bearing range is not to play any role, to know the load-bearing to find out how much the thickness of the layered plate is, how much the maximum load-bearing of each layer is, how many times the safety factor is. General workshop inside the use of tool storage, the load-bearing requirements are relatively high, and load-bearing is also an important factor to distinguish the quality of tool cabinets, of course, if you do not require high load-bearing requirements, it does not have to spend a lot of money to buy too high load-bearing storage. When considering the load-bearing aspects of tool storage, you can look at the thickness of the drawer guides, the quality of the bearings, and the thickness of the drawer material.


Cold rolled steel tool storage, stainless steel tool storage, and insulated tool storage are selected according to the usage environment.


The price of tool storage varies greatly depending on the material used and the level of processing technology, so customers need to choose the applicable tool storage according to their situation. As the saying goes, quality of goods, excessive attention to price but will be easier to buy inferior products. Therefore, we should pay more attention to the cost performance.

Whether need to customize

Tool storage has a variety of standard specifications and thousands of combinations, basically meet the needs of users, in theory, as long as the non-standard specifications do not exceed the range of materials and equipment capacity can be made, but considering the production costs and production cycle, usually recommend the use of standard specifications tool storage, unless the existing specifications cannot meet the use.

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