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How to maintain the tool cabinet?

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Tool cabinets in industry, frequent use, as a workshop standard with a workstation apparatus, in the use of the process, people need to have a very good protection of the tool cabinet, so you can extend the use of the tool cabinet period. That workshop tool cabinet how maintain? The following methods can help you better protect the tool cabinet.

Here is the content list:

l Prohibit a long time in the wet environment

l Clean up the dirt

l Follow the requirements

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Prohibit a long time in the wet environment

Tool cabinets are not placed in a humid environment, although the tool cabinet surface is sprayed powder baking paint treatment, the tool cart tool cabinet toolbox exposed to the humid environment, the tool cabinet surface will be very easy to rust, which will affect the service life of the tool cabinet.

Clean up the dirt

In the use of the tool cabinet process, there will inevitably be some dirt-stained tool cabinet, so people need to clean up the tool cabinet, and in the cleanup time, pay attention to the need to all the items in the tool cabinet are all cleaned out, the use of wet rags will tool cabinet all wipe once, and then use a dry rag to wipe again, can be considered cleanup is complete.

Follow the requirements

Tool cabinet in the use of the process, there will inevitably be a variety of things happen, to be able to better use the tool cabinet, extend the use of time, need to follow the established requirements to use, in the daily use, but also pay attention to protect the tool cabinet. For the person in charge of the tool cabinet, in the use of the time, but also need to be related to the maintenance of the tool cabinet, to ensure cleanliness and hygiene, to avoid the appearance of dirt. If the tool cabinet has the phenomenon of paint falling off, you need to contact the relevant staff, repair it. In the safety tool cabinet, there are many different layers, can be different kinds of tools for classification, to facilitate the use of tools when people do not appear to find the phenomenon. Tool cabinet use requirements: in the tool cabinet placed in the tools, after use, to put back to the original place. The person in charge should regularly organize the tools in the tool cabinet, and the gauges should be checked regularly. Need to pay attention to the maintenance of a variety of tools used, such as tools, if the tool is damaged, it should be replaced promptly, and it should be noted that when using the tool, be careful not to be cut by the tool.

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