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How to make a tool box?

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The tool box can be used to store automotive repair tools of a box container, car products focus on automotive supplies and services market, automotive supplies and services market is increasingly segmented, automotive tool boxes also show a variety of forms, for example, blister box packaging body. It is characterized by small size, lightweight, easy to carry, easy to store. So how to make a tool box? The following is a detailed introduction.

Here is the content list:

l Aluminum plate cutting

l Base plate formation

l Cutting

l Drill the hole

l Assembly

l Sanding

l Oil dipping

Aluminum plate cutting

We need the aluminum patterned plate to be 60 × 50 cm, and the general specifications sold outside are 60 × 60, so first you have to use a circular saw tool with metal teeth to cut off 10 cm on the aluminum plate you bought. Of course, a vertical saw tool can also be used, but this is more difficult, even with the help of a straightedge, it is difficult to ensure the straightness of the cut.

Base plate formation

The aluminum plate is fixed horizontally on the metal bending machine with the diamond pattern side down, and then a 15 cm high side plate is bent on each end of the 50 cm side to form a concave base plate 20 cm wide.


Outline the two sides on the oak board, cut along the drawn outline with a saw or circular saw tool, and cut a 15 cm deep groove on each side to fit the metal base in place.

Use a circle gauge to draw a circle with a radius of 10 cm on the top of each oak piece and measure 3.8 cm from the apex of the radius to the center of the circle as the center of the handle socket. Next, use a vertical saw to cut along the pencil curve, and then again at the bottom to make the bottom corners more rounded and smooth.

Drill the hole

Use a 2 cm diameter drill tool to drill a hole about 1.3 cm deep in the location of the handle jack determined in the previous step, with the side of the hole facing the inside of the box. Then we apply a thin layer of silicone along one side of the bottom of the toolbox, leaving the other side uncoated for the time being.

The coated end is fixed with the oak board, and two pilot holes are drilled through the metal and wood parts, each pilot hole is transformed into a countersunk hole (i.e., the top enlarged hole) and the board is fixed to the metal base with 2.5 cm long #10 screws.


Cut out the 60 cm long handle with a hacksaw tool and place it on the assembled end of the toolbox. The next step is the same as before, to complete the assembly of the other end of the toolbox with silicone and screws. Then screw a 2.5 cm diameter rubber cushion on each of the four corners at the bottom of the toolbox.


Sandpaper is used to polish the inner and outer sides of the toolbox, and after polishing it once with 80 grit sandpaper, it is polished again with 120 grit. As for the polishing of the top of the aluminum plate, it needs to be done with the help of an industrial rough file.

Oil dipping

The wooden structure of the toolbox is oiled, and after 4 to 6 hours, another layer is applied. After doing this, it only needs to spend another night to dry the paint.

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