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What tools can be stored in the toolbox?

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Toolbox storage items: pump, flashlight, medical emergency kit, tow rope, battery cables, tire repair tools, inverters, and other tools These are the necessary tools for car enthusiasts, put in the box, can be convenient to use when driving. The following is a detailed description of the tools that can be stored in the toolbox.

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  • Car toolbox

  • Home toolbox

4 Drawer Professional Mechanical Tool Box with Wheels

Car toolbox

1、Spare tire

The spare tire is usually hung on the back of the car or put in the trunk of the car, you may not use the tire for life. But the spare tire is very important for the use of the car, especially for high-speed long-distance travel, to avoid the impact of the journey, must pay attention to the spare tire this replacement team.

2, Tool kit

Tool kit usually placed inside some basic tools, including wrenches, screwdrivers, wheel keys, etc., owners should regularly organize and check, preferably after each use to clean and extend the service life of tools.

3、Hitch cable

In summer, we like to turn off the engine in the car after the air conditioning, audio, etc., and this consumes a lot of power, if the car battery happens to be used for a long time, but also happens not often open, the phenomenon of failure to start the fire is very normal.

4、Tow rope

The tow rope is the most direct rescue tool on the spot, no matter what kind of environment or what level of the model, should be prepared in the trunk of a set.

5、Fire extinguisher

A car fire extinguisher is a very important vehicle tool, but many car owners are not equipped with fire extinguishers for the car until the time of the danger is unable to help.


The flashlight is a very useful tool, in the night need to check the vehicle or find something, the flashlight will help a lot. Daytime inspection of vehicles is sometimes used.

Home toolbox


Screwdriver tool is the most used, usually screw a screw, installed computer, furniture is very good, usually have a thin wedge-shaped head, can be inserted into the slot or notch of the screw head. There are mainly two kinds of word and cross. There are also common hexagonal screwdrivers, including hexagonal and hexagonal two.


Wrench tools are divided into two types, dead wrenches and live wrenches, which use the principle of leverage to unscrew bolts, nuts, screws, and other threads, and usually have a clamp handle made at one or both ends of the shank so that when you apply external force to the shank along the direction of thread rotation, you can unscrew bolts, nuts, etc.

3、Tape measure

A tape measure can test the length, width, and height of the object, sometimes limited space, to buy things must be by the size, so through the tape measure can measure the length of objects, width, conducive to the purchase of furniture when the size of the choice, to avoid the size of the trouble caused by the return of goods.


Hammer is the most commonly used striking class tool, consisting of the hammerhead and hammer handle, most commonly used to knock nails, correct, or knock the object open. Application of hammer to see if the hammerhead and hammer handle connection is solid, otherwise, it will be injured, be careful when using, do not hit the hand.

5, Test pen

The test pen is also called the test pen tool, is used to test whether the wire is charged. When using the test pen, be sure to use your hand to touch the metal part of the end of the test pen, the index finger on the cap end of the pen, thumb and middle finger, ring finger gently pinch the pen, the metal tip into the socket hole.

6、Handyman's knife

The knife is commonly known as a carving knife or wallpaper knife tool is a kind of art and does crafts with the knife, mainly used to cut the softer texture of things. Art knife has different sizes, large and small are available, the large ones have about 20 cm, small ones about 10 cm, the specific can be selected according to the actual.

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